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Your intelligence is split into a hundred busy tasks, in thousands of desires, in large and small things. You must unite these scattered parts with love and become as sweet as Samarkand and Damascus. Once you are unified, grain by grain, then you can be stamped with the royal seal.”


Welcome Beautiful Soul,

I’m Uzma Asghar

An Energetics & Embodiment Specialist

I work with spiritually centred, free-spirited, growth driven women wanting to activate more freedom, flow & fire in their life, relationships and / or business.

You’re more than likely a leader, a mission driven entrepreneur and a cycle breaker having created a life and /or business that you’re really proud of but now itching to explore what’s next.

Welcome my love, together we’ll raise awareness of all the parts of you that might be resisting more compassion, more connection, more abundance and bring them into the fold of expansion & possibility whilst being held in the loving safety of community.

My talent lies with supporting you to identify the specific parts of you that need to be honoured & integrated, to harness the energy needed for you to step into the next version of your life and business.

Using a masculine & feminine integrative approach and merging quantum science, Islamic spiritual thought, energetic healing, human physiology & soul inspired strategy, women often leave my programmes having found a deeper sense of purpose, a rejuvenated passion for life, a profound love for their identity as a woman and an increased internally sourced drive to leave behind the best possible legacy of transformation on the planet.

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